This Bodyweight Training + Meal Plan Gets You Shredded In 12 Weeks

We've done the hard work. We've made a bodyweight training plan doesn't require spending a fortune on a personal trainer, gym membership, or dietician. The best part? You can do it from home.

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In the health and fitness world there is no shortage of 3-month training plans. But finding the right one for you is the tricky part and searching through pages on Google hoping you stumble across something isn’t the way to go. Between instagram influencers who have taken to designing their plans with very little knowledge and reddit threads that promise you can lose X kgs in a matter of days, the meal and training plan search is a minefield of hit and miss.

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What makes a great training plan is one that challenges you, but doesn’t leave you unable to get past week 1, day 1 because you’re so stiff you’re struggling to get out of bed. That’s why we teamed up with coach and former cover-guy Trevor Lagerway to design a training and nutritionally-sound meal plan that’s budget friendly, too. And you can take it everywhere you go because it’s online. We give you Speed Shred. You can get it this 12 week training and meal plan for only R499, here or below.


Speed Shred, MH 12-week home workout plan.

R 499


How The Training Plan Works

Forget paying for a session with a personal trainer or a membership to the gym that you never end up actually using. There’s almost no equipment needed. You just need your body weight and our potent move combos. And if you’re a beginner or unsure of some of the moves? Don’t stress! Just follow our descriptions and check out coach Trevor’s exercise animations on the SpeedShred site for the best technique. Yes, you can play a gif as you work out and see how to do each move.

And we’re not just giving you a plan with some moves, we also provide you with a warm up and cool down, we will test you, too. We’ve built in progress tests. In weeks 1, 6 and 12, we’ve outlined a basic test for you to do BEFORE starting that day’s workout.

This will show how you’re getting stronger and fitter, and it will help to keep you motivated. Some of the weeks will repeat workouts with slight variations in exercises or combos – this will also help show how your hard work is paying off!

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And at the end of each work out you can check a button so you can keep yourself accountable and witness your progress. But if you’re having an off day and unable to complete it? No problem, life happens. Try it again on another day and click to continue when you’re satisfied you’ve done it. Best part? You don’t have to spend hours each day in the gym.

You will start off with 3x workouts a week and then move up to 4x, so you have plenty of time to spend your days doing things you love, too.

Above is an example of day one’s set one of week one. If you’re unsure of how to do a move with perfect form, you can press the play button and have it demonstrated for you.

Each month will get harder. The workouts will get tougher, and have higher intensity – that’s done to make sure you get the best results possible – but they MUST be done in conjunction with the eating plan.

How The Meal Plan Works

It was designed by Registered Dietician and Director of Performance Nutrition at Food For Sport, Adrian Penzhorn.

This isn’t just some meal plan we’ve whipped together. It was designed by Registered Dietician and Director of Performance Nutrition at Food For Sport, Adrian Penzhorn. For each week you get a shopping list, so you know exactly what you need to make your week’s meals.

You will never have to worry about buying too many ingredients because we’ve created a simple list that will tell you to the gram, or the amount of mushrooms you’ll be needing. It couldn’t be simpler (or more budget-friendly)!

And we’ll guide you through the whole 12 weeks. Week 1 – 3 are for setting the foundations for healthy eating. You will get used to portion sizes and see how your body reacts. From week 4, you will start having low-carb dinners to decrease calories and increase progress.

In week 6, you have the option of reintroducing carbs if you feel you need it. By week 9, you repeat low-carb dinners and intermittent fast at times.

And then you’re at week 12, which is an example of a good maintenance plan for you going forward. Every meal has been thought out, keeping the long-lasting health for our MH readers in mind. After all, the sign of a good plan is its sustainability.

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But don’t worry, you won’t be starving because every day has three meals and one floating snack which you can eat at any time of the day. Plus, it’s very versatile in that you can swap your meals around during that week. And we also provide you with a list of foods you can swop out if you aren’t a fan or can’t find the foods (or you just don’t feel like that).

The most important thing is that this plan works for you and we’ve designed it in a way that it fits into your life seamlessly instead of you constantly trying to dramatically change your life to fit into a plan you don’t enjoy. The best part? We’ve even made allowances for treats (and we’ve provided a list of those suitable ‘treats’).

Below is what the plan looks like. It takes you through each day’s workout and meal plan so you can click on it and it will pull up a step-by-step guide for you. This is only some of what you get with the Speed Shred plan.

Ready to start Speed Shred? All you need to do is  sign up at and put in the hard work. It’s only R499. In just 12 short weeks you’ll be looking at the dream body you’ve always wanted.

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