Try This Bodyweight Workout To Get You Ready For Spartan Race

Do this workout and join us at Africa's first Spartan Race.

On the outskirts of Johannesburg, the amazing Kings Kloof offers rugged trails, tough terrain, scenic views, and the perfect place to launch the world’s largest obstacle course race in Africa. The first ever Spartan Race on the continent will feature the fast and furious 5km+ Sprint course as well as the challenging 13km+ Super, featuring many of the iconic Spartan obstacles.

We’ve partnered with Spartan and want you to join us and be there to make Spartan Race history on 27 October (Enter Here).

Who doesn’t want to achieve their best when doing an obstacle course? More importantly, who doesn’t want to feel their best all the time? And that’s exactly why there’s the Spartan Bodyweight Workout Program. No weights. No machines. No fancy bands or bouncy balls. Just you, your body, and the commitment to put in the effort.

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The program consists of three bodyweight workouts that target strength, athleticism and endurance. There are five workout days per week, which look like this:

Day 1: Strength Workout

Day 2: Athleticism Workout

Day 3: Strength Workout

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Athleticism Workout

Day 6: Endurance Workout

Day 7: Rest

Keep in mind you can change the order or amount that best suit your needs and interests. Try to spend some time on rest days eating cleanly, stretching and meditating. The mind is a muscle that also benefits from training.

If you stay committed to the Spartan Bodyweight Workout Program you’ll see results quickly. A healthy, happy lifestyle takes work and discipline. This is one of the tools to help you get there.

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Dynamic warm-up
Run 15–20 min moderately


Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 each leg

Box Jumps x 6

Bear Crawl for 1 meter

Pull-ups x 5–10

Hollow Hold for 20 sec

Push-ups x 10–20

Recover 30–60 sec between exercises

Beginners | Run 5–10 min | 1–2 main sets

Advanced | Run 20 min | 5 main sets



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Dynamic warm-up


Run 1 min at max pace (level treadmill or track)

Rest 90 sec (beginner)

Rest 1 min (advanced)

Perform above x 6

Finish with 2 sets timed burpees x 30

2–3 min recovery between sets

Record your times for future reference



Beginners | Increase rest and/or decrease pace.

Advanced | Increase pace and/or decrease rest.

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Stretch well



Submaximal run at a sustainable pace.

Choose a distance (or trail) that has been challenging for you in the past and go run it. Record your time and distance and get ready to improve each week.

Sprint | Choose a distance between 1–5 miles

Super | Choose a distance between 3–10 miles

Beast | Choose a distance between 6–14 miles

Beginners | Walk or jog slowly when you must. Your time is secondary to completing your task.

Advanced | Choose a trail or timed distance you have completed recently and try to beat your time.


Jog, slow stretch.

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