5 Tik Tok Challenges That Will Test Your Fitness

These challenges will give your body a great workout, and not just your thumbs.

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It’s a countrywide lockdown, which means you’ve done one of the following: you’ve started a fitness routine making use of many at home workouts, or you’ve started a Tik Tok account. If you’re in the elite group of social-distancers that have done both, then you’re going to love what’s next.

Tik Tok is a platform that’s filled with creativity, humour, a lot of dancing but also countless challenges. Here, we list five of the many challenges on Tik Tok that will give your body a great workout, and not just your thumbs.


This challenge has many variations, but each version can be done to the same bouncy beat. The song is called “Pretty Girls” by singer Maggie Lindemann and was remixed by DJ Paul Gannon in 2017, but would be recognised three years later as the #PlankChallenge song after Tik Tok user @chisa2122 uploaded it as an original sound. Here are three versions of the #PlankChallenge for you to try.

Easy: Do as many hell-raises to the beat for the duration of the song, or until your dog interrupts you (they make great workout partners by the way).

@kisszsolti?❤️♬ #PlankChallenge – chisa2122

Medium: Get a partner for this one. Do a sequence of hell-raises, leg-splits* and shoulder taps followed by a military jump and roll.

@maggiethurmonHe’s 51 and still kicks my butt? ##fyp♬ #PlankChallenge – chisa2122

Hard: Learn to fly. Do 16 superman push ups. Then edit out the grounded parts of the pushups and sequence the clips together to create the flying effect.

@ashleynoceraLearned how to fly today! ? ##plankchallenge ##flying ##foryou ##fypage ##magic ##AfterMyCoffee ##fy♬ #PlankChallenge – chisa2122


You’ll need a partner for this challenge. It’s an old acrobatics trick that has resurfaced as a fun feat for Tik Tok users to try with their friends. The point of the challenge is to create a “seesaw” and balance each other out. Here are two variations for you and a buddy.

Version 1:

@ruzannasmbatyanHe doubted me at first ##viral ##strength ##balance♬ Pump – Valentino Khan

Version 2:

@kingbachSeesawing w/ @theevelyngonzalez♬ Rodeo – Lil Nas X & Cardi B

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A classic that has constantly being recreated over the years. This time, challengers have to perform a segmented pushup to the words of Kanye West & Daft Punk’s hit “Stronger”. Yes, just one pushup. Try it out!

Solo: Perform your standard pushup dividing the lowering and lifting of your chest into four movements each. When lowered, hold until the robot voice completes the chorus.

@anilperfect786##duet with @mariohervas ithu njan ചെയ്തപ്പോൾ എനിക്ക് 3k like kitti, but njan cheythath perfect Alla ennu ippo manasilayitundavum ##slomo ##slomotion♬ Originalton – lisaaaa.mary

Dad: Same thing. Just add the family.

@cl_dty##Duo avec @tiboinshape, identifiez le au maax svp ?? qui dit mieux ? ?♬ Originalton – lisaaaa.mary

Bro: This one doesn’t use the song, but is still an epic challenge.

@ninjabeta2.0Getting some ##teamwork ##fitness ##pushups in. Try out this ##pushup ##challenge with your ##freinds !♬ Pushup Challenge – ninjabeta2.0


Test your friendship with this challenge. Strength and balance are the key factors throughout this entire combination. No further explanation needed, just let Demi Bagby and Scott Mathison show you how it’s done.

@demibagbyStand up challenge!!! ##wedidit ##fun ##standupchallenge ##challenge @scott_mathison_ @gymshark♬ WOAH – Krypto9095


Along with the many challenges, there are also countless creators that are showing their home workouts and encouraging others to stay at home during these uncertain times. Here is a super simple and effective towel workout by singer Jason Derulo. For more, simply check out the hashtag #homeworkout.

@jasonderuloTry this TOWEL WORKOUT ##levelup ##happyathome ##homeworkout♬ Big Fish – Ace Hood

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