3 Steps To Perfecting Your Rowing Technique

Welcome to the beginner's guide to rowing.

Rowing 101

Brick New York’s Ian Creighton breaks down the rower. To begin, adjust the rower damper to 6 or 7.

The Start

Sit with your torso leaned forward at a one-o’clock angle, knees bent, shins as vertical as possible. Your arms should be straight, your shoulders level, and the seat should be close to your heels. CrossFitters call this the “catch” position.

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The Drive

Press through your heels and use your legs to forcefully start a stroke. Once your legs are fully extended and your torso is perpendicular to the ground, explosively pull the handle towards your sternum. Focus on keeping the handle’s chain straight. Then hinge at your hips to lean your torso back to the ten-o’clock position. The handle should be just below your ribs.

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The Recovery

Before doing anything, fully straighten your arms. Then shift your torso forward. Finish by bending your knees, allowing the seat to slide back towards the start position. Immediately begin another row stroke.


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