This 25-Minute Workout Will Build Your Mental And Muscle Strength

This Ritual workout will increase mental and muscle strength by firing up your fatigued muscles and do it all in under 25 minutes.

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Ritual Gym in Johannesburg has taken away all your excuses for not going to gym. All you have to do is show up. It’s is a fitness franchise from the future. This gym for busy people will get you in and out in 30 minutes – warm-up, workout, cool-down and shower included. Say goodbye to your gym bag, and just show up. They have towels, clothes, grooming products, and shock-absorbent floors so you can train barefoot. Best part? The Fuel Bar, packed with post-workout smoothies.

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This workout was sourced from the fiery pits of hell, and your muscles will burn like it. It’s specific fatigue, which means similar muscle groups are fatigued by performing two exercises in sequence, followed by a rest – for example, performing two upper-body pushing movements in a row, then resting. This workout might emphasise strength, but it still works your cardiovascular system; it has an HIIT structure. This is the wicked workout:

Jump Pull

With the rings at arm’s length overhead, jump up into the top of a pull-up position with elbows tucked into your body and palms facing one another. From here, lower yourself with control back to the start. The aim is to perform a 3- to 5-second eccentric rep. x30 seconds

Level 1 move: Squat Pulls | Level 3 move: Pull-Ups

Elbows Out Row

Keep your body in one straight line with your abs braced, butt squeezed and starting with your arms straight. Row your chest towards the anchor point, keeping elbows out to the sides and in line with your shoulders. Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top. x25 seconds

Level 1 move: Normal Row | Level 3 move: One -Arm Row

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x30 seconds

Dumbbell Overhead

Press Start with a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height, keeping your elbows tucked in and hands in a neutral position. Press the dumbbells to an overhead position with arms locked and the biceps in line with your ears at the top. Return to the start position and repeat. x25 seconds

Level 1 move: Medicine Ball Overhead Press | Level 3 move: Push Press

Shoulder Tap Push Up

From a push-up position, lower yourself to the floor, keeping your elbows close to the body, then extend your arms to lift your body up. At the top of the push-up, move one hand to tap the opposite shoulder and then return to the bottom position. These reps should be performed at a high pace while ensuring minimal hip and shoulder rotation. x30 seconds

Level 1 move: Push-Up | Level 3 move: Explosive Push-Up

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x30 seconds

Double Kettlebell Deadlift

With a slightly-wider-thandeadlift foot stance, place two kettlebells side by side in between your feet. Hinge at the hips while keeping your back straight and the core braced, then grab the bells and stand up straight. Lower the bells under control to the floor and then repeat. x30 seconds

Level 1 move: Single KB Deadlift | Level 3 move: KB Swing

Goblet Squat

Hold a single kettlebell upside down in both hands. In a shoulder-width stance while keeping your feet flat on the floor, sit your butt back and simultaneously bend your knees and hips to lower yourself under control towards the floor. Once the optimal depth is reached, drive through the feet to return to the top position. Make sure to maintain a straight back and proud chest while performing this movement. x30 seconds

Level 1 move: Body-Weight Squat | Level 3 move: Jump Squat

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x30 seconds

Repeat all 9 steps for a total of 4 sets, remembering the first set is an easy one to warm the body up.

For another of Ritual’s HIIT workouts, give this cardio-crushing workout a go.

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