10 Of Our Favourite Home Workouts, Ranked From Easiest To Toughest

These home workouts will keep fitness fun while indoors.

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Since the implementation of the countrywide lockdown we’ve seen a rise in home-based fitness routines, especially on social media. Many have challenged themselves to exercise more while social-distancing. We’re all for it! There’s a wide selection of home workout routines for you to try on our site. But we understand that not everyone is at the same level of fitness.

Our solution? We’ve compiled 10 of our favourite home workouts that will keep fitness fun while indoors. Starting from the easiest and ending with the toughest. The next move is yours!

10. Unlock Your Gains With This Gamer’s Workout


“It’s not that gamers are too busy. It’s that they are too comfortable, which makes them lazy. An exercise at home that only takes about half an hour should help them escape that comfort zone,” says Gareth Scott, a pro gamer and coach for an eSports organisation called xTc. He’s also a big believer in regular exercise and sticking to a healthy diet, which led to him combining the two worlds of gaming and fitness.

This 20-minute routine works the whole body without using any added weights, and it can be done at home. So gamers don’t have to move too far away from their controllers. Players, Get Ready.


9. Earn Your Booze

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Want to get fit but also love beer? Earn Your Booze, the brainchild of a brewer and a fitness nutrition specialist encourages the idea that alcohol doesn’t have to be a weight-gaining vice that’s going to ruin your gym progress, you just have to earn it. Their bodyweight workout is a great way of getting rid of the beer gut while still enjoying a cold one at the end.


8. Holiday Sweats

Being at home for an extended period of time can feel like a holiday, even if it’s not. Luckily for you, we have a home workout designed for those that have earned some downtime but still wish to keep up their fitness levels. The workout combines bodyweight and a bit of cardio. It’s recommended that you do this one barefoot.


7. The Bodyweight Blast

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This is a great time to build some solid habits that go beyond this lockdown period. We recommend that you try Speed Shred, our 12-week bodyweight training and meal plan created in collaboration with former Cover Guy and personal trainer, Trevor Lagerwey.


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6. Four-Legged Gym Partner

7 workouts to get jacked with your dog

If you’re stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and you have a dog, you might have noticed that your pup is happy, but massively confused. Check out these exercises for a training session with your own best friend—some moves might be more successful than others, but we guarantee you’ll have a good time.


5. The 15-Minute Frenzy

15-minute, workout

This 15-minute workout is the salve for any… er, “soreness” after taking some time off from the gym. With the help of a skipping rope, you’ll move your entire body to enhance blood flow, with some gentle cardio thrown in to flush out the recent booze-fest. Give yourself the full 15 minutes to complete the following sequence twice. Remember: slowly but surely wins the race to a full recovery.


4. Homemade Muscle

man in plank position trying to build muscle at home

Peter Carvell was in our weight-loss section in 2007. Despite his transformation being over a decade ago, Peter has maintained his momentum. He’s now an online fitness coach with over a million YouTube subscribers. He gave us a home workout that’s perfect for those looking to build muscle.


3. The Strong Weekend

man working out doing a sit up outside on a Saturday
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We asked strength and conditioning coach Dan John to design this fast and portable series of cardio workouts, one for each Saturday of the month. But since everyday basically feels the same, we thought it would be great for this list. This workout combines running drills and bodyweight exercises. Warning: it’s a sweat fest, not for the fainthearted.


2. Burning Rubber

tyre workout

Stop the excuses of not having time for the gym or not being able to afford a gym contract. This workout requires one piece of equipment for maximum bulk up – a tyre. Time to hit the garage. Do this workout two to three times a week, resting a day in-between each session.


1. Watch Your Back

This at-home workout uses houssehold items

Some bodyweight exercises can fill in nicely for lower body and chest training sessions, but creating a whole routine of moves to work the back can be particularly challenging. That doesn’t have to be the case, if you’re ready to use your imagination. Men’s Health US fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. got creative and thought up a complete at-home back workout using stuff you probably already have in your own house.


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