Start Your Workout With This 10-Minute Flow Warm-Up

Go with the flow.

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Forget lacklustre stretches. Commit instead to a solid warm-up, and not only will it leave you primed, loose and efficient for maximum calorie burn, but it will also increase the delivery of blood to your muscles – crucial for supplying fuel in the form of fat. Flow through 10 reps of each of these movements, repeating as
a circuit for five rounds.

All you need to do is slow down strategically: if you keep your heart rate down, your body will select fat as its primary fuel source. With multi-joint movements and controlled breathing, and taking just enough rest to stay in the aerobic zone, you can push up the calorie burn without tapping into your muscles’ carbohydrate-rich glycogen stores. That means you’ll preserve your strength while avoiding energy crashes, stepping up your endurance and peeling back the layers to reveal your six-pack.

This workout contains everything you need to use fat cells as a weight-loss weapon. We’ve even thrown in a show-stopper for you to build up to with your lighter weight frame. Get ready to make fat your new training partner.


Snake hips and a mobile spine are the cornerstones of free movement. With your feet just wider than your shoulders, reach down to the ground with your hands and walk them out until your head is between your arms. Push your heels down, driving your glutes up into the air, and hold (A). Now, bend at your elbows and lower your hips to the ground. Straighten your arms until your torso is upright, tipping your chin to the ceiling (B). Reverse the movement and repeat.


Master the functional art of getting to your feet quickly. Sink into a full squat and keep going until your glutes touch the floor. Roll backward to bring your knees to your chest and your hands to the ground by your head (A). Roll forward explosively to reverse the movement, planting your feet flat on the ground and standing up to full height with a small jump (B).


Now, flip the switch to connect upper- and lower-body momentum. Sit on the ground with your knees bent and your hands on the floor at your sides. Lift your hips into the air and push the floor away with your hands and feet (A). Step forward with your right foot (B) and move your left hand in the same direction, then repeat on the opposite side. Repeat five times, then reverse the movement, moving backward for five reps.

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