Workout Wednesday: The Leg Exercise That Destroys Your Abs

Kirsten Curtis |

How to Do it
In the video below, you’ll see me battling through the last 15 seconds of a 30-second isometric hold. I did this after doing 5 sets of a high number of reps. For those, I usually select a weight I can goblet squat for at least 10 reps.

You really want to focus on pushing your knees out, sitting tall, and crunching your abs. The turbulence on your core and shoulder muscles is epic.

Besides adding an additional iso-hold to end a workout, you can also start your workout this way, using a lighter load of course. It will mobilize all the key joints that need attention like your ankles, hips, and upper back, and activate your hip, shoulder, and core muscles.

You can even add a 1 to 5 second pause to the bottom of each rep of a given set or multiple sets to stimulate more muscle gain for your lower body. It definitely makes a lighter weight go a longer way.

I recommend trying every option. That’s because they all work and you need to find out what your body responds to best and what it needs the most right now. Are you game? Send this to someone who wants their abs to explode on their next leg day.

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