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You might be having the time of your life and fully engrossed in the task at hand or should we rather say ‘pleasure’ that is being offered that you do not stop to think whether your partner or woman is in the same frame of mind as you.

If you thought that a woman’s mind does not drift during intercourse, then you are sorely mistaken. She could either want more or her mind just goes on some random train of thought, no matter how good it is.

Below are some  bedroom thoughts she could be having…

Was That My Phone

It could be the fact that we are all extremely reliant on mobile devices and feel the urge to check them every 30 seconds and wonder if it’s broken when we receive no notifications. Women do think about their phones, especially if they heard something vibrating; unless you one of those kinky couples who enjoy the usage of toys.

Hmm…Not What I Expected

Yes, size does not matter to most women but this is the thought that could be running through her head, the first time she sees what you working with. As we have certain ideas or expectations as to how we think it would look and when it’s finally on display and looks nothing like we expected. However, whether it’s good or bad thing varies from woman to woman.

Thought We Just Getting Started

Guys, I am sure you know that it takes a bit more for women to get off than it does for you. She could just be getting warmed up when you are about to finish and drift into a post- bliss nap, which could have her thinking- is that yet?

Is That A Fart?

No matter how hot the moment is getting, she could be thinking about that spicy dish she ordered for supper and the potential gas that could be waiting in the wings to embarrass her, even if you do not notice or care as you are all revved up.

Does He Think I am Enjoying This?

Now now, before you huff and puff, hear me out. It is perfectly fine if you are enjoying what’s before you however do not neglect your partner which could leave her wondering whether you think she is enjoying it. Or you become so bent on satisfying her (nothing wrong with that) but be sure to know what you are doing.

Do I Look Fat?

Even during intercourse, women are still concerned as to whether they look fat or not, you might be focused on pleasing her and suggest trying something else but she will be checking to see whether your view of her is flattering or not. Even though we know you are not thinking about it but in our minds, you are. It’s just one of those things.

Slow Down With That

Yet again, women love the fact that you all about pleasing them and what they want, however when you down in the nether regions and going at it like you in some kind of race, then this is what might run through her head. Slow and steady wins the race not fast and furious.

Get Out Of Here, Doggy

Somehow her or your dog snuck into the room and is just sitting there starring at you; well women feel that their dog should not see them mid-coitus. Although she is enjoying the heat of the moment, she will still end up thinking that ‘the dog cannot see her do this, as he will be scarred for life’ and try to send him away using mind tricks.

Wrong Hole, Wrong Hole!

Ooh, the infamous line that all men despise, could actually be another thing that’s running through her mind. This thought goes hand in hand with ‘it slipped’ in. Whether it’s something that women scream out loud or just continue to think about in their heads is debatable.

Is He Not Going To Return The Favour?

Technically if you are a good lover who is in the business of reciprocating the love, then this is something that your woman will probably not think about once both of you are falling into a blissful sleep. However if you are a bit selfish and just roll over once you are done; this is definitely the first thing that will run through a woman’s mind. ‘What a douche, is he not going to return the favour’?

Oh No, I have To Pee

Probably one of the quickest mood killers and also the most annoying for you to hear when your partner or woman informs you that she is in need of the loo; she could be weighing up having to put a stop to your heated encounter or whether she could wait in her head. Whether it’s the need to pee or a need for something else, it’s still the only thing on her mind at the time.

That Bush Could Use Some Trimming

Whilst a ‘lil bit of hair could be the in thing, however this is another one thing that could be lingering on in their heads when you unzip your pants and an afro pops out. Women all think about having to locate a tree within the forest once the clothes come off.

Can I Still Get A Goodnights Rest?

Seems a bit harsh? No matter how good you are within the sheets, women will still try to work out their sleeping schedule in their heads especially if you have a clock that is visible from the bed. Anything from- ‘if I go sleep now, it will give me a good six hours of sleep’ to ‘this needs to end now, otherwise I will be a zombie tomorrow’.

Did He Just Say The L- Word?

You might think that announcing your love for a partner or woman during sexual intercourse is going to up the mood, hate to break it to you; it does not. In fact it has the opposite effect on women, if you have been together for a long time then it’s really nice however if it’s on your third date it could kill the mood and leave her obsessing over what you just said.

There you have it gentlemen, just a few of the things that could run through a women’s head whilst you trying your best to please her.

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Alice Paulse