Who Said Video Games Were Not Good For Your Health

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Instead of your mouth-watering & stomach rumbling when you see food that looks so good, what if your brain had the opposite effect?

Forget about how Batman: Arkham Knight makes you feel all bad to the bone.

This revolutionary video game will actually train your brain to say no to junk food and help you shed weight whilst playing. Researchers at the, University of Exeter& Cardiff found that participants lost an average of 0,7kg and consumed 220 fewer calories a day during the week of training.

83 adults partook all between the ages of 23-65, with BMI’s ranging from 21 to 46, which is regarded healthy to obese.

“One week before, training researchers weighed participants and gave participants food diaries in order to catalogue whether or not they desired to eat unhealthy foods. Researchers then weighed participants one week after training, asking them to fill out these diaries again to see if there was any change in preference.”

If you wondering about the actual game-play, it has two categories you can chose from; a food-related session and a control game session. Whoever said video games are not good for you, tell them to get lost as this game has the power to reign in calories and curb the need to snack, for this game is modelled to make unhealthy foods look less appealing.

The Medical Research Council, found that “white South African men scored the highest on the obesity scale at 19, 8 percent, while coloured men followed at 10 percent. Black men and Indian men.

The only question that remains is: what happens once you have completed the game?

Well, to the researcher’s astonishment, the weight loss and drop in unhealthy munching was kept up for six months after the gaming sessions concluded. Sounds like something that could help us, South Africans out as the Health Department reported that South African’s fat intake has increased to 65% since 1940, which was when the study commenced.

Who would have thought, that video games could help you lose weight and still provide you with the ultimate gaming experience, men crave from time to time.

– Alice Paulse