What’s Lurking In Your Food

Men's Health |

That jug of 100% orange juice in your fridge – natural as can be, right? Just the luscious juice and pulp squeezed from fresh fruit. Well, not necessarily.

Many processed food are packed full of delicious sounding ingredients like sodium benzoate, potassium iodide, MSG and calcium propionate and those are just some of the nearly 3 000 food additives that make their way into most of the processed and prepackaged foods that we consume on a regular basis. Without them, all that shiny, prepackaged stuff that can sit in your cupboard for weeks wouldn’t look as appetising, taste as fresh, or last as long as it does. But these “ enhancements” also mean you don’t always know what you’re eating. Here is the verdict on a few commonly included additives and the effect they may have on your health.

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