What’s In A Steroid?

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Traditional human anabolic steroids were designed for treating diseases and symptoms related to low testosterone levels. Are steroids illegal? Using steroids in sport is considered “off-label” – not using the drug for which it was originally intended and tested for during clinical trials. The most common steroids sold in South Africa, (and also the ones for which athletes are most commonly tested positive by the South African Institute of Drug Free Sport), are Methandienone (trade name Dianabol), Deca-Durabolin (trade name Nandrolone), Stanlozol (brand name Winstrol) and various types of synthetic testosterone. Drostanolone (brand name Masteron) was developed for treating breast cancer in women.
Two veterinary steroids, mostly used on racehorses, are very popular among bodybuilders, namely Trenbolone and Boldenone (trade name Equipoise). They are very popular because they enable extremely fast muscle growth, but their side effects are also very pronounced. These drugs are even illegal for use in horses in South Africa.)

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