What Fitness Tracker Should You Choose?

Kirsten Curtis |

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The Numbers Guy

JAWBONE UP3: R2 399, superbalist.co.za

Substance over swagger: the UP3 might not look like much, but there’s a lot going on under the hood. Now that the company’s coders have tweaked its heart rate monitor, it’s one of the most accurate at this price point. Wear it day and night, then comb through the data using the app – it’s all the motivation you’ll need to stay on your feet.

We like: The way it tracks your sleep patterns. Not so much: Its buckle

The High-Roller

SAMSUNG GEAR S2 R4 499, takealot.com

Stuck at a desk all day? The S2 is a lifesaver. It will keep track of how much time you’ve spent glued to your chair and vibrate when you haven’t moved in the past hour. Throw in its near-perfect step counter, heartrate monitor and a classic design that will go with anything in your wardrobe, and it’s hard to fault this smart, fitness-focused watch.

We like: The way it looks (a lot). Not so much: That price…

The Gym Rat

PUSH DEVICE R2 599, quantifi.co.za

The Optimus Prime of fitness trackers, this armband will transform (geddit?) your workout. It won’t monitor your heart rate, but it’s the only device that can count your reps while you’re pumpingiron, even calculating the power you’re putting into every lift. Important info when you’re deciding to increase the plates on your overhead press.

We like: It’ll tell you when to go heavier. Not so much: Clunky

The All-Rounder

GARMIN VIVOACTIVE R4 500, Sportsmans Warehouse

Whether you’re cycling, swimming or running, you need a tracker that can keep up. This device has the battery life to survive a marathon and will let you switch activities on the fly, giving you a heads-up on all the kilojoules you burn and (thanks to its in-built GPS) distance you cover.

Pedalling or even putting, you’ll have all the stats.

We like: Can-do anything attitude. Not so much: Scratch-prone.

The Trailblazer

FITBIT FLEX R1 299, thegadgetshop.co.za

Want to keep track of every step, whether you’re running down the wing or scrambling to catch the bus? The Flex is barebones, but it does what it says on the tin. With a tap, this device will sync up to

your phone and give you a read on your strides through the day. Lightweight and durable, it’s a no-fuss take on fit tech that’s easy on your wallet.

We like: Subtle design. Not so much: App dependent


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