Weight Loss Advice From A Body Transformation Specialist

"This journey isn't linear so be prepared to have patience and stay focused on your end goal."

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Dave Watkeys is an online fitness coach with an honours degree in Exercise Sciences, who specialises in body transformations. After changing his own lifestyle and physique for the better (and fitter), he dedicates his Instagram feed to his clients – showing the impressive progress that they are making. Here, the 26-year-old from Durban gives us more insight on who he is and the advice he gives his clients to help them transform their bodies.

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What inspired you to become an online body transformation coach?

After obtaining my honours in Exercise Sciences, it was a natural progression to work in the fitness industry. But soon I realised that I thrive on seeing people improve the quality of their life and mindset. I strive not just to get people in shape but influence them to their core, in order to become the best version of themselves.

What motivates you every day?

I have a lot of clarity about where I want to be in the next 3-5 years. So this drives me daily. I also can’t stand not moving forward or progressing on a daily basis, in all areas of life.I have to grow everyday in a positive direction.

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For those looking to start their own body transformation, which basic moves should they start off with?

  • Split squats.
  • Planks/bridges.
  • Walking on a daily basis – highly underrated for beginners.
  • Pull-ups – although it’s advanced, it can be tailored to someone’s level of experience with machines or bands to assist.
  • Push-ups – minimal chance of injury.

Coach’s Corner

Jaco Smit lost 8KG and gained solid muscle under Dave’s guidance. We were so impressed that we featured this transformation in our January issue. If you haven’t already, make sure you purchase a digital copy so you don’t miss out on all the health and fitness tips you need to start off this year strong.


Men's Health January 2020 - The Sustainable Issue

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Here are some lessons to learn from Jaco’s transformation, according to Dave:

Enjoy The Process. Make sure what you are doing is something you can maintain with neglecting any important areas of your life such as family and friends. If you can find a routine that improves who you are inside and out and you thoroughly enjoy it, then that’s true progress.

There’s No Rush. You will make mistakes and things won’t always be as easy as you’d like them to be. This journey isn’t linear so be prepared to have patience and stay focused on your end goal. Don’t do this for instant gratification because it won’t last.

Never Quit. It may sound obvious but the person who never quits will never be defeated. So many people give up just before a huge breakthrough happens. It will get hard but you must show resolve.

Stay Accountable. Have a coach or a stern friend that will keep you accountable. It helps to have someone to report to every week or so. They can also give valuable advice when your mind starts to wonder or you have moments of weakness.

Do It For You. Don’t do this for the opinion of others or even for social media. This journey is for you. Your health and fitness levels, relationships around you and even your career will be impacted by the new you. Focus on what you are doing everyday, not what you see elsewhere.

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