Walking the Line with Supplements

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Those beloved exercise supplements that you love taking might have a negative effect on your eating habits if taken to the extreme, according to this recent study.

Research presented by Dr Richard Achiro, at the American Psychological Association annual convention, found that men between the ages of 18-65 have been using body building supplements; so often that an eating disorder may unfold which could put their health at serious risk.

These products have become an almost ubiquitous fixture in the pantries of young men across the country and can seemingly be purchased anywhere and everywhere — from grocery stores to college book stores,” said Achiro, who presented the research.

With bodybuilding supplements being easily accessible and in demand, one can find them in various forms- such as super protein bars or just a click away. What would be the go to ‘recovery’ snack after a hard gym session in today’s fast paced world? Any trainer or fitness expert would say a supplement instead of getting the nutrients from a healthy daily diet.

195 men were recruited for this study, between the ages of 18-65 had stated that they had used performance- enhancing supplements containing -creatine and whey protein etc. for 30 days whilst exercising more than twice a week for fitness or just to look better.

They had to complete an online survey as well answer questions about ‘supplement use, self-esteem issues, body image, general eating habits, and gender role conflicts’.

With 40% indicating that their supplement usage had increased over time, 22% percent stating that they had taken a supplement as a meal replacement although it was not recommended. Only 29% admitted to having concerns about their supplement usage; 8% of men having been told to decrease their supplement intake by a doctor and 3% who ended up in hospital because of their over use.

“The most critical implication for these findings is to put risky/excessive legal supplement use on the map as an issue facing a significant number of men,” Achiro said.”

However, researchers suggest that there are many factors that play a role in the misuse of supplements, namely ‘ body-conscious’ men who are driven by attaining a certain level of physical or masculine ‘perfection’.

Well there is nothing wrong with wanting to be fit and look good, just be aware of over doing it to the point where it could affect your health negatively.

Sources: Medical Daily

Alice Paulse