Waiting For Bad News To Make Good Changes

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Why do we wait for bad news in order to start changing our lives around? Should we not be making positive changes to our lifestyles from the beginning to live healthy and happy?

A latest study in the Journal of Preventive Medicine finds that only after adults have been diagnosed with Diabetes do they start to initiate an exercise regiment.

The researchers used data from 635 older adults who had just been diagnosed with diabetes and 635 adults who had not been diagnosed with it during a 2004-2010 Health and Retirement Study. It would be able to show and compare changes in exercise habits over the course of the years. In the year that followed the diagnoses of diabetes 35.7% initiated exercise routines as compared to the 31.4% of the matched group cohort with no diabetes. This is a significant increase.

Among individuals with fewer health risk factors at baseline, those newly diagnosed, over 35%, with diabetes were more likely to begin moderate to rigorous exercise regiments and plans than those without diabetes.

But don’t wait for the bad news before you decide its time for a change. Rather prevent it from happening in the first place. Check out some real stories on people who beat the disease without waiting for the diagnoses to come like Samual Mokoena who fought back against a family history of diabetes or Mark Redelinghuys who dodged diabetes by lacing up his running shoes. Start exercising, eating and living healthier now before it is too late in the future.

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