Virtual Pets To Make You Sweat

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Everyone has been guilty in lacking the motivation to workout and keep fit, especially our youth – check out the Truth About Fat Kids to see how bad it really is. Thanks to developers Noodum a new interactive way to keep motivated and stay fit has been born. Introducing Wokamon, the virtual pet on your smartphone that doubles as a pedometer. The users hatch an alien-like creature, which tracks their health and fitness activity through the app or a connected device such as Fitbit. With each step you take, each calorie burnt, you give your virtual pet the necessary happiness and nutrition it needs to survive. If you are not active enough or do not meet workout goals the pet becomes sad and can die. As the user progresses through with the app they are able to unlock and access new pets who also depend on the user being active which in turn mounts even more pressure to keep fit and on the move.

Wokamon’s features include:

– Tracking your activity with simple one click measures throughout the day, checking your stats daily or follow your weekly progress and activities in order to know if you are fulfilling goals.

– Connecting to other devices such as a Fitbit if you already have one and is able to sync your activity to the app instantly.

– Growing and collecting a variety of fun characters to use and keep alive. A goal is to collect them all and become the fittest you can.

– You can also play and share with friends across all social platforms which allows you to earn extra rewards.

This app would be great for your children especially those that are constantly stuck behind the screen of their phones and computers. It will encourage more fitness activity and decrease the growing youth obesity problem our country has been riddled with. Having fun whilst getting fit is the smartest idea you could do. Downloads are available through the App Store

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