Upgrade Your Upper Body In Just 7 Moves

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Target your shoulders and upper chest with this V-shape workout

The V-shaped torso is a magical thing.

Put two guys with the same amount of muscle and fat on their frames next to one another, and the one with the broader shoulders and slimmer waist will always look more athletic.

And the wider your shoulders, the better, according to women. Females prefer men whose shoulders are 1.6 times the size of their waists, an Archive of Sexual Behaviour study found.

But you don’t need to be an Olympic freestyler or a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer to get the coveted V-shape. The workout shown in the video below will give you an incredible upper-body upgrade, says Men’s Health Fitness Director B.J. Gaddour.

The routine isolates a bunch of the smaller muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest—muscles that don’t get as much work in big multi-joint exercises like presses, rows, pull-ups, and dips, he explains.

The workout also has you seated or lying the entire time.

“This limits the use of momentum or assistance from your lower body, which forces the target muscles to do all the work,” Gaddour says. (Read: No cheating allowed.) “Because of this, you may have to use lighter weights than normal.”

That’s okay. Your goal is to keep your form super strict and to feel each muscle work every single rep, he says.

How to Do It
Perform 15 reps of each movement in a row without resting. That’s 1 round. Do 3 total, resting 1 minute between each round.

1. Seated reverse fly
2. Seated lateral raise
3. Seated front raise
4. Seated bottom-half shoulder press
5. Seated biceps curl
6. Seated triceps kickback
7. Lying chest fly

Article originally published on menshealth.com

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