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Effect of music on walking strike is variable, says new study

Those headphones seem essential to your workout, right? Well maybe, says this recent study in Medical News Today. Researchers chose 52 different musical selections of many different types but all with a tempo of 130 beats per minute and a meter of 4 beats and adjusted the volume to be the same for each. They recruited 18 health adults, aged 22 – 51, most of whom played an instrument and said that they often “moved with music” and asked them to walk in time with the music while wearing monitors to track speed and movement. While most people walked in time with most of the musical selections, stride length varied by selection in a predictable manner between participants. Selections participants described as bad, aggressive, loud, or fast tended to increase stride length while good, gentle, soft, or slow selections tended to shorten it. Familiarity or personal taste in music had little correlation to the music’s effect on stride length.

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