Try These Binge Blockers

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A glass of milk (240ml), three large scrambled eggs, a slice of Cheddar and a medium apple. Pour tall: there’s a gram of protein in every 30ml. And the fluid aids satiation. One egg contains about seven grams of filling protein. This on-the-go breakfast finale has four grams of fibre.


Chicken salad (½ cup) on wholewheat bread, and a glass of iced tea (240ml). It’s an easy way to pack in 22g of protein per serving. Always pick wholewheat over white for the extra fibre. Look for at least three grams in each slice. Drink the real, unsweetened stuff, not the sugar-water posers.


Seared meat or fish (230g), some steamed broccoli (½ cup), a medium baked sweet potato and a glass of water (350ml). It’s loaded with enough protein to fend off a midnight snack attack.Vegetables are a low-kilojoule way to eat more fibre. h2O may help stop you from scrambling for seconds.

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