These 3 Moves Will Help You Nail This Month’s #MHBeastMode Winning Move – An Upside-Down TRX Pullup

He's the first finalist in our 2020 #MHBeastMode competition. Ready to try his winning move?

Thaaqib Daniels |

When Thabang Glen (@fitnessbangsa) flipped a TRX workout on its head, he earned himself the top spot in last month’s MH Beast Mode competition – where we have partnered with Shower to Shower. The personal trainer also walks away with an amazing Shower to Shower Men hamper and R2 000 cash.

Want To Try Thabang’s Upside-Down TRX Pullup?

These 3 exercises will get you there:

1/ Chinup + Leg Raise

Grip the pullup bar with your palms facing towards you (supinated), use your arms (shoulderwidth apart) to pull yourself up until your chin is just above the bar while simultaneously raising your legs until they are perpendicular to your torso.

2/ Wall Mountain Climbers

Assume a pushup position with your feet resting against a wall (your toes should be the only point of contact). Make sure that there’s space for your legs to move. Bring your right leg towards your chest (as close as you can) keeping your left on the wall before alternating sides.

3/ TRX Suspended Rows

Grab your TRX cables and pull yourself while walking up a wall until your body is in line with the floor. This is your starting position. Using only your arms and core, pull your chest towards the TRX until you feel a stretch in your mid and lower back. Keep your back and legs straight throughout.

Now it’s your turn. Film your best extreme home workout move and post the videos on Instagram with the hashtag #mhbeastmode and #showertoshowermen. We want to see what you can do –  be creative (and extreme) –  we want to be inspired!

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Vote For The Round 3 Finalists!

We’ve onto the third round of our #MHBeastMode competition and have selected our three finalists for this round. Head to and vote for your favourite!

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