Train Now, Triumph Later

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Squash is great for fitness and stress relief. Improve your court capabilities today.

Enough with the same old workout. Your sports training should be targeted. This interval routine will help you play better and fire up your metabolism says its designer, exercise physiologist and running coach Dr Jason Karp.

Run Intervals with direction change

Use cones to mark an eight-by-eight metre square on a field. Start at the first cone and sprint to the second, quickly turn and shuffle sideways to the next cone, turn and sprint to the fourth cone, then shuffle sideways back to the start. Take a minute’s rest and repeat nine times.

Why it works

This drill improves your acceleration, agility and ability to react to an opponent’s shot, says Karp. For a more difficult challenge, place the cones (or other small objects) into different patterns that force you to sprint in varying directions and distances.

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