Start Your Comeback With These Transformation Tips From A Hollywood Trainer

3 questions that will help you get back to your swole self ??

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It was meant to be 21 days. It’s been four months! Four months of no gym, no wolf pack, so much Netflix-and-vreet. Well, it’s time to stop waiting for Uncle Cyril to give us our gyms back, break it off with Uber Eats and get that comeback started. Here to help: celeb trainer Paolo Mascitti, who whips Hollywood actors like Lucifer’s Tom Ellis and Kevin Alejandro into shape. Tom and Kevin had four months before filming started on season 5. (Are you as excited as we are for its debut on 21 August?) You have four months until December holidays. Follow Paolo’s rules of engagement to set yourself up for success.


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It’s Personal

Think about every celeb transformation you’ve read about. You rarely hear a Hollywood star talk about how they got in shape doing The <Insert Latest Fad Here> Diet. That’s because you get the best results when you find what works for you personally: your body, your goals, your schedule.

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“One of the biggest factors in fitness is matching your goals to the form of training you do, and that training should also match your lifestyle,” says Paolo. “There is no one of way of training. There is no such thing as one-diet-fits-all. I believe that if you start working out with a trainer, and he tells you that he knows exactly what will work for you, then that trainer does not know anything; he is just trying to sell you something. There is no magic pill – it’s a process of trying, and sometimes failing, until you find what works for each individual.”

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Ask The Right Questions

If that all sounds good, but you have no idea where to start, answering these three questions will give you direction. You’ll be starting your own Hollywood transformation in no time!

1/ What is your goal?

It needs to be specific and measurable. “I want to lose weight and get stronger” is not an effective goal. Instead, try: “I want to get my body fat down to 12% and do 10 pull-ups”.

2/ How long do you have to obtain it?

This will give you focus and help to determine the frequency and intensity of your training, plus how you eat. But it needs to be realistic. If your timeframe is too short, you may need to adjust your goal.

3/ What has worked for you in the past, and what hasn’t?

If you’ve never been able to stick to a running programme, what makes you think you’ll stick to one now? HIIT training might be a better cardio option for you.

Get The Full Plan

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