Time to Turn it Up! #TeamFrank Week 6

Kirsten Curtis |

After last week’s assessments, I was really keen to get back into the swing of regular training again. And even more so as I’d decided that this would be the week in which I really ‘turn it up’!

We’re just over halfway into the MH #100DaysToMuscle challenge now, and having laid the foundation and gotten to grips with the training methods at RIPT at the Sports Science Centre; it’s time for me to really start pushing the limits! The way I see it, it’s from this point on where I should be hitting and surpassing the maximums I set in our pre-challenge tests. #BringOnTripleDigitClub

My figures were as follows (based on a three-rep max):

–          Back squat: 80kg

–          Bench press: 70kg

–          Deadlift: 80kg

These are the figures that will soon become part of my warming up as I strive to set new maximums! Just this morning, I achieved a 70kg deadlift for six reps… So, it certainly is possible!

Will it be easy? Hell no. But as the saying goes – If it were easy, everybody would do it!

Here’s what Rodet (@rodet_yila) and RIPT had in store this week:

Monday (Day 1):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts –  Box Squats (4 x 6) ss Front Squats (BB only – 4 x 10)

MetCon – Rope pull-ups / KB squats / Skipping / Overhead plate step-ups / Prowler push (40:20 secs work:rest ratio)

Finisher – Tug-o’-War (best of 3): Winner – 20 m shuttle sprints x 5; Loser – Battle rope Burpees x 20

Cool-down – static stretches

Wednesday (Day 2):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts – BB Floor Press (4 x 6) ss Inclined DB Press (4 x 10)

MetCon – MB wall toss / Pezziball hamstring curls / Pezziball fury plank roll-outs / Resisted sprints / Thrusters / Standing cycle climb (60:30 secs work:rest ratio)

Finisher – Countdown (10/8/6): Partner 1 – Inverted rows / Partner 2 – Battle rope Russian twists

Cool-down – static stretches

Friday (Day 3):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts – Partial range deadlifts (4 x 6) ss Band hip-hinge (4 x 10)

MetCon – Eccentric ring pull-ups / Resisted knee drives / DB boxing / Plyo step-ups / Seated band rows / Shuttle sprints (60:30 secs work:rest ratio)

Finisher – Single-leg Burpees ss Battle rope slams (4 x 20 secs)

Cool-down – static stretches

The excitement of next week is palpable! It provides the opportunity to continue turning it up… An opportunity I will grasp with chalked hands!

Stay tuned and keep pushing those hard-earned reps out.

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