Throw The Spinning Back Fist

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Advanced martial artists all have one thing in common: devastating physiques. Here we show you how you 
can get 
the brutal muscular benefits 
of Kali and learn to execute a knockout move with deadly precision

Step one
Preparation is key here. Throw a left jab to make 
him flinch and step across your left foot as you do so. 
You should be almost stepping sideways as you throw this set-up strike.

Step two
From there, rotate your body. Start with the legs, then the hips so that you’re already halfway round and it’s not too telegraphed. Lift your right leg a little and add in a slight kick to make it easier to spin around for the big finish.

Step three
Fling out a straight right arm as you spin. Hit with the bottom of your fist – this is more “street” if you can do it, and it’ll make you less likely to break a knuckle. End in your fight stance, should he still 
be standing.

YOU NEED: dynamic power
This Filipino martial arts technique starts in your legs, transferring power through your torso to 
finish in your arm. Practise with the kettlebell swing to build muscle 
and improve multi-limb coordination. “Kettlebell moves are famed for working all the major muscles groups in sequence to manipulate the weight,” says Hillman.

Do this – The Kettlebell Swing

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