This HIIT Workout Will Boost Your Weight Loss From Home

If you're locked down, not to worry, you can do this one from home.

Kirsten Curtis |

MH staffers have the exciting and daunting task of trying new workouts and eating plans. Between the gruelling ones, the innovative ones, and ones that are advertised as the ‘next big thing,’ we find workouts that actually work and that can fit into your life practically. For the most part, it’s the tried and tested solution that wins: plenty of cardio and eating right.

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But finding the right balance of the two can be hard to come by; how do I ensure I’m not overtraining and under-eating? Or perhaps worse: under-training and overeating? And so that’s why I decided to sign up for a  7-week programme with Johno’s E Fitness Faculty (JEFF), a training programme which pairs you with a personal trainer.


1-on-1 JEFF online coaching


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My trainer Louis Hazelhurst was more like a life coach, checking in on every meal. I also had to provide feedback before and after each workout. Louis not only monitored my progress, but was my motivator and at times even played counsellor to my moans and groans; while I avoided airport lounges and fitted in hotel workouts during work trips.

While my weight loss journey with JEFF is currently still in the works, 4 weeks in and I’ve lost 3cm off my chest, 2cm off my belly, 2cm off my hips and gained 4cm (of muscle) on my quads. While that may not sound anything to write home about, I lost stubborn fats which I’ve battled to get rid of for years.

Some, who’ve joined the programme have seen significant losses; like James Henk, who lost a whopping 9.5kg in 7 weeks (see below)!

James Henk lost 9.5kg in 7 weeks!

To give you a taste of what I’ve been doing in the gym, try out the full-body workout below form JEFF. And if you’re locked down, not to worry, you can do this from home.

Body Weight Blaster

What you need: a pair of dumbbells (anything from 4kg – 10kg will do), a fitness band and a skipping rope.

Have access to a treadmill? Do this warm up:

  • Treadmill level 10 for 5 minutes
  • 5 X 45 sec on / 15 sec recovery on level 15

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds and recover for 30 seconds afterwards. Push hard and make sure you get as many reps in as possible. Repeat 3 rounds.

1. Push up

earn your beer workout move one

2. Lunge (Make a jump lunge to advance)

3. Squat

4. Band walk

5. Side Plank (one side at a time)

6. Skipping

7. Jump squat

8. Bridge / plank

9. Clean and press (Use 4 to 10 kilo weights)

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