This Crossfit Routine Will Get You Lean During Lunch

Become the Fittest Man on Earth and still have time to check your emails. 

This workout, from CrossFit champion Rich Froning, combines bodyweight moves with big lifts to deliver athletic results in a hurry

Directions: Powerful moves are a CrossFit staple and will see you pack on muscle, fast. Use a low weight while you perfect the form – go heavy too soon and you risk injury. Perform exercises 1-3 as a tri-set: complete one round every 90 seconds for 10 sets total. Then move to the superset, doing 3 rounds in total. Enjoy a full day’s rest.

Muscles Targeted: Full Body
Time: 25 Minutes
Level: Hard
Results: 3 Weeks

01 Squat Clean – 1 REP. Perform all three exercises using 50% of your 1RM for the clean and jerk – if you’re new to Olympic lifts, play it safe until you’re comfortable. Clean the bar by pulling it up from a deadlift. Explode through your legs to snap the bar into a front rack position, pushing your hips forward and keeping your head up. Squat to 90-degrees then press back up. Don’t drop the bar – your next move is up.

02 Front Squat – 2 REPS. Come straight out of the squat clean – with the bar still in front rack position – and drop into another two squats. Push your chest out and your glutes back as you lower to make sure the upward pressure is applied through your quads, not your spine. Push through your heels on the way up; imagine driving your thumbs under your collarbone to keep the bar in a stable position.

03 Thruster – 3 REPS. Squats build power in your legs but for total strength, add a press on top. By taking your shoulders from bracing in a rack position to shifting weight up, you’ll keep them working through all stages of the tri-set for huge growth. From the squat press up with your legs and use that momentum to push the bar to full extension. Drop the bar and breathe. Only nine rounds to go…

04 Weighted Sit-Up – 15 REPS. Set the bench at a 45-degree incline and prepare to forge a six-pack of steel. It’s mental prep you require here – these aren’t for the faint hearted. Hold a medicine ball above your head, back flat on the bench, then power up to a seated position. Lower slowly back down, keeping your upper body straight and hinging at the hips. Missing the barbell? Don’t worry, you’ll soon be reunited.

05 Good Morning – 6 REPS. Load the bar across the back of your shoulders with a wide overhand grip. Hinge forward at the hips until your chest is parallel with the ground, then squeeze your glutes and concentrate on raising your head to return to standing. This move fires the muscles in your posterior chain for a big hit of growth hormone. Take your full 90 seconds rest, then go back to the sit-ups.

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