These Epic Bodyweight Videos Are All The Inspiration You Need To Enter #MHBEASTMODE

This year's #MHBEASTMODE competition is all about using bodyweight to defy gravity.

Kirsten Curtis |

You’ve seen people doing insane human flags, muscle-ups and super-human pushups – seemingly defying gravity – in the gym, in the city parks, and on YouTube. What they’re performing is a form of fitness known as calisthenics – essentially exercises that only rely on a person’s own body weight.

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The term calisthenics comes from the Greek words “Kalos” meaning beauty and “Stenos” which translates as strength.

Aside from the obvious (performing insane stunts), the appeal of calisthenics  is that the exercises can be performed with differing levels of intensity and strength, so they are a great way to track your progress.

This year we have partnered with Shower to Shower for our our annual #MHBEASTMODE competition (where readers submit videos of themselves doing impressive fitness moves), and in 2020, we are looking specifically for moves making use of calisthenics/bodyweight.

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We know the ability to do a human flag doesn’t just happen over night, so we’ve put together some videos for you to build strength and master your move.  As well as some just for inspiration.

Pull-Up Combo – 2019’s Winner

Lionel Daniels won the 2019 competition with his killer Pull-up combo. He showed us the three moves he does to condition his body to perform the exercise.

The Muscle-Up

A muscle-up is an advance calisthenics move that involves performing a pull-up using no momentum to get you up, followed by a dip in one fluid movement. Men’s Health joined up with Tim and Jacko from the School of Calisthenics to break down the moves you need to wax in order to get your first strict bar muscle-up. See the MH story for detailed descriptions.

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The Box Jump – 2019 Finalist

Lucky Fadzi won March 2019’s leg of the competition with an incredible 1.2m-high kneeling box jump. Here he takes us through what he does to enable him to jump insanely high.

Couples Bodyweight Workout

You don’t need to go it alone though. Called co-operative calisthenics, by utilising the weight of your partner, each exercise enables both of you to build strength. Great for the relationship, too!

The Human Flag – 2017’s Winner

And who can forget the move that won in 2017.

Inspired? We can’t wait to see your #MHBEASTMODE move!  All you have to do is tag your video #MHBeastMode and #ShowerToShowerMen on Instagram and you will be automatically entered.

Keen to know what’s up for grabs? Click here for all the info and ENTER!

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