These 6 Warm-Up Moves Will Make You A Faster Runner

Kirsten Curtis |

Jog for five minutes, then do each of these drills for 30 seconds. They will help you run on the balls of your feet.

1/ Arm Circles With Skip

As you skip, swing your arms in a forward circular motion as wide and as high as you can. After 30 seconds, swing backwards.

2/ Cross Body Toe Touch

every three steps, lift your leg as high as you can and swing your opposite arm to touch your elevated toes. Alternate sides with each rep.

3/ A-Skip With Knee-to-Chest

Skip, but every three steps lift your knee toward your chest. Alternate sides. This pushes you onto the balls of your feet.

4/ B-Skip

Follow the “A” skip pattern, but kick your leg out in a quick burst once your leg reaches its apex. Try to do it as fast as possible.

5/ Fast-Leg High-Knees

Do a single high-knee as fast as you can, then jog a few steps and switch knees.

6/ Fast-Leg Butt Kicks

Your hamstrings and quads have opposing functions. But kicks warm up both. do a butt kick as quickly as you can, jog a few steps, and switch the kicking leg.

Photograph by Craig Kolesky/Red Bull Content Pool

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