The X-Factor Workout

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The X-Factor workout is a potent combination of high-rep strength moves and cardio exercise that’ll torch your fat.

Save yourself time by combining your weight training and cardio into one lung-busting session. The X-Factor’s style of extreme training will build muscle and burn fat in tandem, picking up looks of awe from your fellow gym-goers.

From Olympians and soldiers to police officers and even housewives, they all use the same programme. The thing is everyone’s needs differ by degree, not by kind. We’re all the same – we all have to stand up, sit down, lift stuff off of the floor and push things overhead, be they weights or babies. All that changes is the size of the weights.

If a workout calls for eight reps of your heaviest weight then the powerlifter might crank out reps using a 250kg weight, while your girlfriend uses her shopping bags. The workouts have been designed for everyone to burn fat, regardless of how fit you are.

Do the workouts two to three times a week, alternating between them to ensure your body doesn’t slack off. You’ll be trimming your workout time as well as your waist.

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