The Wolverine Workout

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Want to know how Hugh Jackman bulks up?

Use Hugh Jackman’s workout routine to build muscle and carve definition.

Mutant size in three months!

PHASE ONE: “I do no more than an hour– but it’s pretty intense,” he says. Perform this circuit twice a week, with at least two days’ rest to allow your muscles to recover. For each exercise, use this rep structure below. Lift the maximum possible weight  so you are close to failure with the last rep of every set.

SET 1 8 reps (120 secs) SET 3 4 reps (120 secs rest)
SET 2 6 reps ( 120 secs rest) BONUS SET 1 rep max with a spotter

PHASE TWO: In the second six-week
phase of Jackman’s regime, use lighter weights, higher reps and vicious cardio sessions to strip body fat without losing muscle. “Training wise, speed it up,” Jackman says. Perform the same circuit as Phase 1 but with lower weights and higher reps. Then perform one of the interval cardio sessions below. Jackman drops from a 25 104kJ daily intake to roughly 14 644kJ daily!

SET 1 10-14 reps (60 secs rest) SET 3 10-14 reps (60 secs rest)
SET 2 10-14 reps (60 secs rest) SET 4 10-14  reps (60 secs rest)

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