The TACFIT Quad Press

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Here Scott Sonnon show’s a great bodyweight exercise for recruiting the lower body

TACFIT Quad Press Coaching Cues:
1. Hands / forearms rotate inward at 45 degrees, to form a diamond with the hands.
2. Elbows are back from the shoulder plane at a 45 degree angle; with the lats engaged / activated.
3. The back is parallel to the ground to ensure both the upper and lower body act equally speed / power.
4. Knees are rotated at hips outward at a 45 degree angle.
5. Heels are rotated inward at 45 degrees, with weight distribution primarily on the big toes and inside ball of foot.
6. Exhale on the effort, softly touch the inside of the knee on the soft tissue not the cap, press to both elbows locked. No pause on the bottom to store and release the elastic power.