The Surfers Workout

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Neil Zietsman has been surfing for 20 years, and last year placed 4th at SA Champs in the over 30 division as well as receiving the WP Sportsman of the year award.

Working as a personal trainer at Abs-Solution Gym, Neil has a special interest in training surfers.

Perform these excercises and you’ll improve your turns and the muscle memory required to get up on a wave, but you’ll strengthen your core, too.

The Pop Up

The reason this is such a good exercise is that this is how you should stand up on a surfboard, so you are using muscle memory. The gist: push up on your back foot first then place your front foot forward. You can practice this on the beach lying on your surf board. Note, this is the sequence for a natural stance surfer. If you’re a goofy-foot, reverse everything.

Do a standard push up

At the top of the push up bring your right leg under your hips

Stand up and bring your left leg forward

Do two sets of ten each side

Twist Lunge With Resistance

Throwing buckets of spray without your arms flailing about like an air traffic controller takes years of practice. Besides spending time in the water, you’ll benefit from this move.

Start off with your left foot forward and right foot back. Arms straight in front of you holding the resistance band.

Remember to have a wide stance so that you can drop your centre of gravity and keep both your knees bent at 90 degrees.

As you drop keep your front knee over your ankle so you don’t put strain onto the knee joint.

Twist the top half of your body as far round to the left as you can while keeping your arms straight.

Do two sets of 10 reps on each side.

Check out 3S Training for more deets.

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