The Rolling Strike

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Advanced martial artists all have one thing in common: devastating physiques. Here we show you how you 
can get 
the brutal muscular benefits 
of Systema and learn to execute a knockout move with deadly precision

Step one
Drop into your roll and keep your limbs close to your body so they take up minimal space on the ground (and to avoid them being stepped on). Now place your left hand by your opponent’s left foot. Resist the urge to shut your eyes.
Step two
Moving forward, draw your limbs in towards your core 
to accelerate the speed at which you rotate. As your head comes back to upright, extend your leg and unleash all centrifugal force and momentum into your foot.
Step three
Strike down towards his hip and upper leg with your heel. As your roll takes you up- wards and he falls, use your dominant position to set up a leg-lock, lifting his foot with your hand as you stand and tucking it under your armpit.

The precise diving and rolling motion required is unconventional 
but highly effective. Use this strength/yoga combination to hit your physique in 360 degrees. Just keep breathing: “With full lungs you are obstructively rigid,” says Systema instructor Sam Benson.

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