The Reverse Lunge Step-Up

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What are the most powerful muscles 
in your body? You bet your ass it’s your glutes. 
Or at least they would be if you didn’t just sit on them all day. Whether you want to be more athletic or just bigger, you need to go deep – most exercises don’t allow your thighs to 
go much lower than parallel to the ground, 
limiting muscle activation. “This reverse-lunge step-up hybrid enables a bigger range of motion at the hip and builds single-leg stability,” says strength and conditioning coach Bret Contreras. Time to get off your backside…


1. Get High

Stand on a step 
or box about mid-shin height. This 
will give you that range of motion we were talking about.

2. Step Off

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and (carefully) step back off the box with 
your right leg.

3. Go Deep

Sink into the lunge – without wobbling. The uneven load forces your whole body into action.

4. Power Up

When you knee nears the ground, push through your front heel to reverse. Do 3 sets of 10, 
on each leg.

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