The R30 000 Wave

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Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker was announced the winner of the Oakley 1 Wave Wonder 2012 at an awards function in Durban last night.

Twiggy beat four other contenders to claim the biggest single-wave prize in the history of South African surfing in the process.

Twiggy’s winning ride was an incredible wave, some people calling it 20-foot, ridden during the ground-breaking paddle session at Cloudbreak, off Tavarua Island, Fiji. The wave in question saw Twiggy pull into a treacherous barrel on his backhand and ride it to the safety of the channel in front of the rolling webcast cameras and gathered media.

“How lucky am I?” was all an emotional Baker could say at first on receiving his award of R30,000 and a Yamaha VX1100 WaveRunner valued at R120 000. This was on top of the R9 000 he had already earned for this month’s win. His trip to Fiji wasn’t the easiest. “It took up my entire budget for the year, and it was a big decision, but it obviously paid off and I got to experience something that will go down in the folklore of surfing history.”