The Philip Winchester Workout

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“Phil’s situation was very unique, in that he works 12 to 15 hours on set, so that’s why I used supersets – it saves time and causes a release of a slew of hormones,” says Makan. It’s an upper and lower body split, and because he trains every day, there’s only three sets per exercise. “Phil always trained with the heaviest weight but with good form first,” says Makan. One really smart element in Makan’s training plan is what he calls “prehab work” – which were exercises to improve Winchester’s thoracic mobility (most guys have a limited range of movement), stability and ankle mobility. “This benefitted his squats and he was able to increase his depth, but this can benefit anyone as most guys’ ankles are way too tight,” says Makan. “I also worked Phil’s rotator cuff as most people wait until a shoulder injury to address their cuff muscles, but we worked them as you would any muscle group.” Makan also incorporated a lot of foam roller work in the plan. “It’s a must for soft tissue work and recovery.” Winchester trained Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, with Wednesday being a rest day.

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