The Only Two Oceans Marathon Article You Need

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It’s theOld Mutual Two Oceans Marathon 2014 this weekend.

Are you dying to compete in what’s been dubbed the world’s most beautiful marathon?

Then you need to ask, are you fit enough?

Yes? Great!

Okay, so you have the stylish workout gear and one of the best training watches, which is cool.

But what happens when running gets boring?

Then you need toreinvent your running.

Have you considered converting to barefoot running? Do this before you run barefoot and you’ll run injury free.

Also, lifting weights will help you to pick up speed. But don’t hit the iron without first consulting a marathon veteran’s running tips. Learn from him to prevent running injuries. Otherwise you can speak to Hendrick Ramaala on breaking limits.

And remember this when you think you’ve reached your max, there’s a blind marathon runner pushing through the same route that you are.

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