The Nerd In All Of Us

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“Nerdstrong is a new gym in LA that caters specifically to nerds.”

With new gyms opening up all the time for people such as, catering to hard-core fitness lovers, who like to sweat until their body dries up or those who are more casual exercisers and do not want to hear slamming of weights or deep guttural sounds.

Leaving the superhero, comic book and science fiction fanatics out of the ‘gym-a- sphere’.

Ever wondered where do you fit in? A new gym in Los Angeles has opened up especially for the more ‘intelligent’ people of the world (let’s face it nerds are super intelligent).

This gym is called Nerdstrong, which features cool workouts that are built around sci-fi, fantasy and superhero tropes.

With names like “The Angry Bird Workout Plan” and “The Dungeon and Dragons Guide to Fitness,” it might have funny titles but these workouts are a combination of cardio, bodyweight, gymnastics and lifting exercises, all assembled into pleasurable and collaborative workouts.

If members are a bit shy about having to sweat it out in front of their fellow comic book fanatics, like most ‘nerds’ are, they can attend small group classes or one-on-one training which is available five-days a week.

I guess the only question left to ask, is when will a Nerdstrong gym be opening in South Africa?

As who would want to work out like a samurai, an assassin, Lannister soldier or gladiator; as we all have a ‘lil nerd in us that comes out to play from time to time.

Let us know what superhero, comic book or science fiction workout would you be keen to do?

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