The MMA Workout

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Build a killer body with this MMA routine

A fighter’s body should be a streamlined machine, as lean and muscular as it needs to be – no more, no less. That requires efficient training, says mixed martial arts trainer Chad Waterbury, author of Huge in a Hurry (R242, This month’s workout develops upper-body strength, size, and endurance simultaneously, packing so much exercise into 15 minutes that you’ll shrink your waistline in the process.


Start with six reps of each exercise, with no rest between moves. Then do five reps of each, and continue to count down until you do one of each. If you complete the workout in less than 15 minutes, add a rep to your first set next time – so you’ll start with seven instead of six. If you can start with eight reps and finish in 15 minutes or less, consider yourself ready to rumble.

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