The Kettlebell Swing

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Trainers love the kettlebell swing: “It’s a low-impact move that smokes the entire back side of your body,” says strength coach BJ Gaddour. The kettlebell crush and catch builds on the move by requiring you to release and catch the kettlebell, increasing the challenge to your core, chest, grip and coordination.

How to do it
Stand on a soft surface (in case you drop the weight), with your knees slightly bent and your feet a bit beyond shoulder-width apart. Hold a kettlebell in both hands in front of you [A]. Without changing the bend in your knees, swing the bell between your legs [B] and then up to chest level. When it reaches chest level, release it [C] and catch it by the bottom in both hands. Release it again and catch its handle as you swing it back down. Shoot for 50 reps in two minutes.

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