The Healthiest Day Of The Week

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Our biological clocks are ticking day by day. They govern a number of aspects of our health. They can also include weekly clocks that are called circaseptan rhythms – a cycle that consists of seven days where many biological processes of life resolve. These rhythms can typically include early-week spikes for many illnesses such as a Monday spike for high blood pressure and heart attacks.

A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine evaluated if health contemplation along with searching for health related information also followed such a weekly pattern. They did this by monitoring Google search queries between 2005 and 2012 that included the word ‘healthy’ and were Google classified as health-related like a healthy diet for instance. This was then able to show how health searches differed during the week.

From the study it found that on Monday and Tuesday health searches peaked and then stared to decline during each other day of the week before increasing again on Sunday. The Monday/Tuesday searches were 3% higher than searches on Wednesday, 15% higher than Thursday, 49% higher than Friday, and 80% higher than Saturday but back down to 29% higher than Sunday.

From the findings it can suggest that mass media health campaigns timed for early in the week would be more cost effective. Just as many illnesses have a weekly clock, so do healthy considerations. No wonder everyone looks forward to Friday and Saturday, they are the healthiest days of the week!