The Grappler Workout

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Steve Maxwell designed The Grappler Workout to 
build functional strength and raw athleticism. You want to do these high intensity exercises because only the fit survive.

Do each of these exercises for 40 seconds, resting 20 seconds between them. Complete a total of 5 circuits:

Hindu Push-Up:
Assume a downward-facing-dog position, with your feet together and hips raised to form an upside-down V. Drop your hips and pull your body forwards as you raise your head and shoulders towards the ceiling. Reverse the movement to return to the starting position.

Hindu Squat:
Stand with your arms straight and extended slightly behind you, palms facing back. Without pausing, first squat onto the balls of your feet while swinging your arms up to chest level; then stand up, drawing your hands to your sides as you rotate your palms upwards. Lower your arms to the starting position and repeat.

Clean and Jerk:
Hold a kettlebell in your right hand in front of your waist. Swing it between your legs and up to a “rack position” (elbow tucked, fist in front of pec, weight resting on forearm). Bend your knees, drive the weight up and drop under it, pressing it straight overhead as you stand up. Lower and repeat. Switch arms after 20 seconds.

Towel Chin-Up:
Drape a towel over a chin-up bar and grab one end in each hand. Hang at arm’s length, bending your knees and crossing your ankles behind you; this position is known as 
a dead hang. Pull your chest as high as you can. Pause, and then lower your body back 
to a dead hang.

Deck Squat:
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands by your sides. Lower your body into a deep squat so your butt is a few centimetres off the floor, and then roll backwards onto the ground, swinging your legs in an arc as you
try to touch your toes 
to the floor behind your head. Reverse the move-
ment to return to the starting position.

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