The Flying Dutchman

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Is it a bird? Maybe a paper plane?

No wait, look!

It’s the Flying Dutchman!

Robin van Persie was the first Dutch player to open his goal account at the World Cup when they beat Spain in their first game 5 – 1. Trailing by a goal just before the half time whistle where in flies RVP to meet a super cross with his head.

“Look up to see your target, and where the goalkeeper is. Often you can just pass the ball in. Remember that sometimes accuracy can be more important than power!” he told The Coerver Coaches in an interview during the 2012 Euro’s.

In a 2011 interview with Arsenal Player the striker spoke out about how he wanted to improve himself in the heading department. “I do work on that because I think it’s just about getting that crucial information in your brain that you actually can do it,” Van Persie told Arsenal Player. “Heading is not really about height, that it’s only for tall people.” “With heading everything needs to come together because you have to balance your steps, take a look and calculate your own measurements.” (Quote source:

The ball loops over a shocked Casilas and into the net. It is one of the best goals of the tournament so far. He truly has developed the technique and improved tenfold with his heading capabilities.

“It is the best goal of my career. It was a brilliant goal, even I have to say that.”  RVP told reporters after the match.

It is a good motivating factor to see that the star holds true to the tips he shared years ago. That training yourself with simple steps that can be adapted to different situations in different games can bring about victory and amazing goals.

RVP has mastered his skills over the years but how did he actually hone them in the first place. According to the striker with the help of Wiel Coerver, developer of the Coerver Method

“I practiced daily with Coerver’s method and I was highly aware it was effective. You noticed it in weeks. He’s a legend, to share his know how like this.”

His amazing diving header has taken the meme world by storm. It has also become the latest craze amongst social media trends. ‘Planking’ has become but a piece if dead drift wood and now with the Dutchman’s extraordinary goal has sparked the ‘Persieing’ era. Everyone from Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren to tiny babies that can’t even walk yet are ‘Persieing’ in tribute to the Dutch team and their progress to the finals which by the looks of it are guaranteed already.

The goal is so good you could watch it over and over again: