The Farmer’s Walk

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Get A Grip
A firm handshake isn’t the only reason to strengthen your grip. “A powerful grip increases both the amount of weight you can lift and the length of time you can hold it,” says Tony Gentilcore, strength and conditioning coach and cofounder of Cressey Performance. It also helps translate strength from your upper body to the world around you. To improve your grip, Gentilcore recommends doing the farmer’s walk twice a week at the end of your workout or whenever you can fit it in.

Farmer’s walk
Grab a pair of heavy kettlebells (or dumbbells) and let them hang naturally at arm’s length by your sides, holding them as tightly as possible. Now walk for as long as you can before your grip starts to fail. (For an added challenge, walk on your toes to make the exercise do double duty by targeting your calves.) If you can walk for longer than 60 seconds, you’re ready for a heavier weight.

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