The Crucial Tip You Need To Know From Our Cover Guy Winners Over The Years

Lessons from MH Cover Guy legends. The legacy continues.

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The 2018 Men’s Health Cover Guy competition has officially begun with entries coming in fast. And what better way to inspire our potential winners by showing our best past title winners? Here are the past MH Cover Guy winners and the one crucial tip they learnt on their journey to front page stardom.

Gregg Hammond – 2011 Winner

Cover guy hall of fame advice legacy tips fitness motivation competition

What makes Gregg Hammond our kind of guy is that being in the spotlight hasn’t changed him. He’s still the down-to-earth dude that you can share a few beers with. Gregg runs, cycles and rows to keep in shape.

Training tactics: Kettlebells

“Kettlebells. They work more than two muscle groups simultaneously, and I love the feeling of 80% of my body being stimulated at once – the burn is unbelievable. If you want to get toned and not lose muscle, don’t do 8km runs slowly, but 3km fast. And make sure you work your core every day.”

Johry Batt – 2012 Winner

Cover guy hall of fame advice legacy tips fitness motivation competition

Being a successful entrepeneur with a fast-growing fitness brand, this guy does it well. MH 2012 Cover Guy, Founder & co-owner of Huba Fitness, Johry should definitely be on your list of fitness role models, especially for aspiring cover guys.

Never Get Injured Again

“It all comes down to your core – it’s the engine of your body. Strengthening it will safeguard against injury, and will supercharge your power and flexibility. If you’re forcing yourself to train, then something’s wrong. It should be part of your lifestyle and you should see it as your daily escape”

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Casey McDonald – 2013 Winner

Cover guy hall of fame advice legacy tips fitness motivation competition

For as long as Casey can remember, he’s always been keeping score. He was hyperactive as a child and he took his surplus energy out onto the sports field. Casey used his sportsman’s work ethic off the field and in the gym.

Make Your Form Flawless

“What’s the point in going for heavy weights when you’re not even doing it properly? I make sure my reps are more concentrated and I’m slow on returning the movement. By using a moderate weight you can complete your sets without failure.”

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JP Lamont – 2014 Winner

Cover guy hall of fame advice legacy tips fitness motivation competition

Around age 25, JP changed his lifestyle and began a body transformation. He collected all the workouts in Men’s Health that he could find and kept them in a black book. All that work paid off when he posed for our cover in 2014.

Build Muscle In The Kitchen

“If you don’t follow a well-balanced eating plan, you can forget about seeing results from all the effort that you put in at the gym. Have something healthy to eat every three hours, otherwise your metabolism just slows down and you start bloating up again.”

Angelo Picoto – 2015 Winner

Cover guy hall of fame advice legacy tips fitness motivation competition

This ex-motocross racing pro transformed himself from a training rookie into a high performance athlete. He was crowned our Cover Guy winner in the 2015 competition.

Keep Experimenting

“I got bored of doing the same kind of training every day, then I found calisthenics, which I really enjoy. I also use its techniques to warm up and cool down.”

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Marco Klue – 2016 Winner

Cover guy hall of fame advice legacy tips fitness motivation competition

Marco has a body that thrives under pressure, whether it’s taking on twelve training sessions a week or dominating a bodybuilding competition. He looked shredded on our December 2016 cover.

Unleash The Beast

“When I’m feeling demotivated, I ask myself, ‘Man, do you actually still want this?’ The answer is always yes. And it’s a reminder of what I have to do to stay in the shape I am in right now.”

Jason Smith & Buntu Matshaya – 2017 Winners

cover guy fitness advice jason buntu

The joint winners of our 2017 competition lead the special collector’s edition of the magazine. Both showed persistence, resilience and overall strength to push through the 2017 competition. Jason is a CrossFit connoisseur and Buntu is a fitness junkie who doesn’t quit. For more lessons from them and the rest of the 2017 finalists check this out.

 Tawanda Tadzimirwa – 2018 Winner

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

When Tawanda started his journey back into fitness, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He made the decision to walk it with family, friends and his Instagram followers. Now he’s a role model for all MH readers and continues to inspire us whether it’s in the gym or not.

2019 – Mnqobi Kunene

cover guy, winner

Determination runs through Mnqobi’s veins. The group fitness trainer has entered our Cover Guy competition three times. In his first year, he didn’t make the cut. In his second, he reached the top five. Now he’s standing strong on our December 2019 magazine, and he couldn’t be happier.

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Find Your Purpose

“I think about my goals and remember that training always makes me feel good. Within seconds I find that connection to what I’m doing.” – Mnqobi Kunene.


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We’re looking for a man who has the confidence, looks, body and the lifestyle to be our next Cover Guy. Someone who leads by example, is fit and health-conscious, inspires others and embodies a well-rounded modern man.

If you think you could be next on this list, make sure you enter next year’s competition. We look forward to seeing what you got. Keep an eye out for when entries open.

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