The Couch Potato Workout

Kirsten Macnab |

By BJ Gaddour
Illustration Michele Melcher

Cricket and golf are back – slow as ever. Squeeze in these moves (and your glutes) while you watch


This sequence is perfect for those boring ad breaks. Do the moves for 50 seconds each, resting 10 seconds between them. For the hip thrust and split squat, spend 25 sec­onds on one leg before switching to the other. Finish with the push-up variations. Complete 3 to 5 circuits. It’s body weight only, but your body will feel like heavy weights in the later reps.

1. Single-Leg Hip Thrust
Use the couch to support your head and shoulders, with your arms extended in a T. Bring your right leg toward your chest and push your hips upward.


2. Bulgarian Split Squat
Put your right foot behind you on the couch and lower your body as deeply as you can. Press your front heel into the floor to push back up.


3. Feet- Elevated Push-Up
Put your feet on the couch and lower your chest close to the floor. Maybe put a towel on the couch to protect it from your filthy sneakers.


4. Hands-Elevated Push-Up
Put your hands on the couch and lower your chest to it. When you’ve finished your circuits, spread that towel out before flopping down.

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