The Climbing Elbow

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Advanced martial artists all have one thing in common: devastating physiques. Here we show you how you 
can get 
the brutal muscular benefits 
of Muay Boran and learn to execute a knockout move with deadly precision

Step one
Close in on your opponent quickly. Prepare to lift your right foot and place it on 
his knee.

Step two
Push off from the floor with your left foot, using his knee as a step for your right. Place your left foot on his shoulder. Keep it smooth and stay light on your feet. Things are about to get pretty bad for him…

muay boran

Step three
… Because from here, you deliver a downward elbow strike to the top of his head. Spring away if you can, or just follow him down to the floor and use him as your personal crash mat.

climbing elbow

Muay Boran is the moody big brother of Muay Thai: less ring-work, more street fighting. “To execute the Climbing Elbow, you need explosive power in your legs and glutes independently,” says Phil Tieu of Team Tieu. “Not all lower-body work in the gym calls for this, but one-legged bounds will build up the specific power-stability this elite move demands.”

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