The Butterfly Butt and Abs Workout Real Men (Should) Do

Hasan Variawa |

It’s not mainstream, but it should be – By Jill Fanslau

Real men do butterfly situps and butterfly hipups. Yes, they look a little bit comical, but they’re both super effective, says Men’s Health Fitness Director BJ Gaddour. The butterfly situp targets your six pack and loosens your groin, he says, while the butterfly hipup activates your glutes and mobilizes your hip rotators.

When you pair them together, you get a butt and gut bodyweight combo that’s tough to beat. Give it a shot with the 200-rep workout shown in the video above.

How to do it: Perform 100 reps of both exercises as quickly as you can without rest. You don’t have to do all 100 reps of a move in a row—you might do 20 butterfly situps, then do 10 butterfly hip thrusts, do another 15 butterfly situps, and so on. The mix is up to you—as long as you get all 200 reps done.

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