The Boxing Workout

Jason Brown |

The bad news? Not many working men can devote much time for training. The good news? You don’t need that much time to get results. Start with 15 minutes of continuous skipping to warm up, then move onto the rest of the exercises. After you have been through the circuit once, do three minutes of shadow boxing. Once that is completed, do the whole circuit (excluding the skipping) again. Try to fill 45 minutes with as many circuits as possible. Do this hour-long workout twice a week, and you will be a lean, mean boxing machine.


Do 15 minutes as a warm-up. Don’t stop and concentrate on skipping as fast as possible.

Jumping Exercises

For this exercise, do 60 jumps from a standing position. For the first 20, lift your feet and try to touch your heels. For the next 40, alternate lifting your feet to either side of your body. Once again, try to touch your heels.


Do two sets of 30 sit-ups, one set holding a medicine ball at arm’s length, placing it in-between, and on the sides of your legs after each contraction. With the other set, keep your legs flat, just reaching your arms upwards without the medicine ball.


Do 30 push-ups. As you get fitter, vary your push-ups by changing the width of you hands, or by placing weights on your fingers.

Jumping Medicine Ball

Do 120 jumps, starting with 60 jumps raising your one foot onto the ball, and then the other foot. With the next 60, jump over the ball completely. Do 30 sideways jumps over the ball, and 30 forwards and backwards jumps over the ball.

Ducking Under Ropes And Punching

Set up a rope line so that it forms a straight line roughly at eye level. Practise your defensive ducking and diving for three minutes by moving your head under the rope on each side, and throwing alternative punches each time.

Swimming On The Ground

Lie on your stomach with you feet off the floor, and raise your shoulders as high as possible. Extend your arms to the sides or, alternatively, place them in front of you. Do 40 of these exercises, keeping your arms and upper chest off the floor.

Uppercuts With Dumbbell

Get some dumbbells that are a challenging weight. Do 30 uppercuts, 15 on each side. Don’t swing the punches, throw them like you would in a bout.


Practise your combos and footwork for three minutes. Try to work in front of a mirror so you can check your form. Once you’ve done three minutes, start the circuit again.

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